You wont believe the amount of mind dredging I had to do to figure out what my old gamer tag and password was for when I use to be a regular in this community. But I figured it out and here I am! Anyway it's been a very long time but I can still remember the good old days and the count less hours of playing on the crazy house server with this community. Like others I can imagine, time went on I lost interested in TF2 and moved on to other games. This caused me to drift away from Voogru and lost contact with all of the friends I once played with. Skip to the future. I started playing Overwatch when it came out and I recently got invited to a new gaming community. Damage Incorporated ( is a multi game based clan with over 500+ active members playing many different games. I'm currently in the Overwatch subdivision and we are looking for some new players. If anyone is interested in joining Dmg-Inc add me on JedWayne#1499 and I'll get you some more details. I'd love to get some of the old crew playing Overwatch or just to join the community in general.

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