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Thread: Doom

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    Has anyone tried this yet?

    Let me preface it and say that I'm NOT a fan of the multiplayer for a multitude of reasons.

    1) Direct hit rockets do 55 damage
    2) Splash damage from rockets do anything from 9 - 13.
    3) You PICK a load out that includes 2 weapons. There are no weapons lying around.
    4) TL : DR it's crappy Halo

    Anyways, now that that's out of the way...

    The Single Player is phenomenal. I beat it last night on the third difficulty, it's one step above "hurt me plenty". Let's call it hard, but there are 2 more steps above where I beat it at. I call myself proficient, but, good god, it's hard.

    I would be seriously surprised if it's not in the running for game of the year. The story is whatever. When is the last time you played an Id Software game and been like... "Man, that was a cool story". Probably never. Quake.. etc.

    It's how optimized the game play is that REALLY shines. I run an i5 2500k @ 4 GhZ WITHOUT an SSD and a GTA970 and I was at frame cap the entire time. Zero stutters. There is an innate mouse acceleration but you can circumvent it by right clicking on the game in your steam library, going to launch options and pasting this:

    +set m_smooth 0

    (thanks Naiserie)

    It's a single player arena shooter. If you've ever played ANY Quake games, this game is right up your alley. You have to swap weapons constantly and ammo is plentiful. This isn't some Call of Duty hold your hand type thing.

    I do think the built in map is kind of wonky, but you get used to it. If you miss a secret or a collectible it's not that big of a deal. You can go back the next time you log in at mission select and do it over WITH the items you did find.

    The entire game is an upward roller coaster. You think you hit the top, and it keeps going up. It's good.

    TL : DR would recommend

    (also, definitely not advertising, but I got it on G2A for 35 bucks and linked it to my steam account instead of paying 59.99)
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    Thanks for the review, bud! I think I'll pick this up because of you.

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