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    I think the bots are harming the server, thoughts?

    It's been awhile since bots were added to the server and I understand the reasoning behind them, no one wants to play on an empty server. However I think many people see playing with bots as worse. Over the last month or so I've noticed the server isn't as active as it used to be. As this was during the holiday season I figured people were just playing the all the new games they received. As we approach February the server still feels very inactive and I'm starting to think the bots are to blame. With bots it's kinda difficult to know just how many non-bots are playing and I think this drives away players. When the server is empty it's easy to see when new people join, you see it go from zero to 3 or 4 you are more likely to join in as other people are already doing so. With bots, the server stays at a fixed number and it's harder to notice when people start to join. This server seems to spring to life on some nights, it goes from nothing to a full server in the span of a single map; I think the bots are interfering with this. Perhaps having an empty serve makes it easier to see when it's starting to get lively, but then again I could be completely wrong.

    I would like to hear other people feeling about the bots. Are they helping, are they making it worse, is there a way to improve the situation? What do you think?

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    I think you may be over thinking this, if we do not have dedicated people starting the server then it stalls untill late night. I guess the input you want will be from those who help start the server. It will be their call because with out them having and not having bots is kind of pointless.

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    Why wouldn't you be able to tell how many humans vs bots there are? In the server list in-game it tells you outright how many bots are in the room. If you are checking without TF2 running through your friends list, it's still pretty obvious. Aside from the bot names that are the same bot names bots have named themselves since bots, there is an obvious difference. If there are 8 players and 3 are real and four are bots, three people will have "time in server" times that are different. The five bots will all have been there an identical duration down to the second.

    The bots serve some purpose. When the first one or two heads show up to try and jumpstart, they have something to do while they wait. Keep the bots set to melee only, keep them in place. Generally as soon as Beans shows up someone gets her to turn em off anyway. They keep the first two or three heads occupied long enough get an admin in there to throw out the announcement and/or invites.

    On a side, though related, note: there are some things which are actively bad for the place. I'm looking at you, trainsawlaser.

    It reduced the sever from 20 to zero in ten minutes last night. I think it should be removed entirely; as in not letting trolls nominate a map they know full well will tank the server 9 out of 10 times. But, at any rate, it certainly shouldn't pop up in the non-rtv votelist of maps. Five maps for 20 people to vote on will allow four idiots in mumble a significant opportunity to blow up the server.

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