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    Angry Where the heck is the regular dodgeball server?

    Seriously, has been down for as long as I can remember... Every time I go searching for a regular dodgeball server it's just crappy speed dodgeball. Is Voogru the only one that hosts the regular dodgeball gamemode? If so, that's stupid, because if they aren't even gonna run it then they just need to hand it over to other people who will host it. Regardless, I haven't been able to find a normal dodgeball server in ages, so if anyone can give me the IP to one or the reason that Voogru hasn't had theirs up, that'd be great.

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    You waited ages before asking where the new dodgeball server is? You didn't even think to check GameTracker or even Google? And has been down as long as you can remember? How long can you actually remember things for? Last I heard, Voogru moved Crazy House to a new server in August (and may or may-not have moved the dodgeball servers along with it). Oh my godddd that was forever ago.

    lol hyperbole.

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