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    Balls Unicorn, Banned for tripping a "hack detector".


    So I was recently banned for "haxxxm8" by the admin, Blue_tetris (http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...BBBDAA56F2B45/). Now I've been playing voogru for almost a year basically just sniping. The user names I've used while playing are Balls_Unicorn, twitch.tv/mastodong_( I am friends with mastodon, i just do it as a joke) FuckCock, Bedshitting: A Graphic Novel,(not Pissypants: A Graphic Novel, that guys a huge fucking loser and stole my name) are mostly the names I alias as. The situation of how this came to be, I played on Nov 20/2015 Thursday night sniper as usual, I had to get off because of work the next day so I decided to leave. After leaving my friends who I am in mumble with tell me that Blue_tetris says that "oh he left i was gonna spec him". So i hear this and kinda laugh it off, so then I decide to come in on Friday Nov 21/2015 and snipe as usual. Now for anyone that knows, I'm pretty good at sniping (I'd compare myself to crimson level sniping) with over 500+ hours sniping and i think anyone could vouch for it. I have over 5k hours of tf2, i have played at a competitive 6's level so i have practiced my death match/aiming for quite some time so it would be expected that I would be decent at it. Now going back to the night of the ban, I join the server and blue_tetris immediately joins spectator under a different alias( which is understandable for someone who actually cheats) and says he'll "bbl" as he types maps for nomination lol. Anyway I played the first map and hit some pretty good shots, I am aware that it looks suspicious, but I use a very low sensitivity for sniping(20inch/360 if anyone knows its really low), so I'm very accurate. After that we play the shittiest map of all time ctf_chaos I start to become less and less accurate. Keep in mind at the time of the games it was around 10-11pm central and i have been up since 6am. So naturally I'm starting to get tired and my aim is going to be off and the paranoia of an admin speccing you its quite hard to want to stay consistent. So this goes on for 2-3 maps, and then as soon as we play gold rush i hit 4 head shots in a row, which are very easy shots in my opinion and then he bans me.

    Now I've been playing with a few other admins(bina, ladyknight,) in the server, never have i ever been accused of cheating/hacking. After I was banned from the server, I had my friends ask what I was banned for and the reason I was given was that I "tripped a hack detector" which is complete fucking bullshit and the person who says that needs to either man up and admit he's bullshitting or think of a better lie. There is no such thing as a "hack detector" other than VAC, and if you look at my profile I'm completely clean. So please remove my ban and let me play again, I have been wronged and this just a waste of everyone's time. Sorry for playing legitimately and having decent aim thank you.

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    I unbanned you shortly after.

    You were super-good, and the ban was in error. I didn't have you added, but I told Hannah and your friends that you were unbanned after I lifted the ban in the hopes that you'd return.

    When I "bbl'd", I set it to record a demo and went to bbl. ctf_chaos is indeed the shittiest map of all time and no one should have to endure that agony.

    That stretch of super-accurate snipes all in a row had a lot of unexpected acceleration, after an otherwise lengthy lull, and it looked off. I wanted to check my demos visually afterwards while trying to figure out the different between a great sniper and yet-another-lmaobox-hackstar. You're firmly in the former category, I think. The recent influx of hackers on the server is the only reason I had any suspicion of you to begin with.
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