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    I hope you are aware that this thread is about alltalk right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willl View Post
    I hope you are aware that this thread is about alltalk right?
    Classic willl, dutifully making sure that threads don't get derailed. Well, some of them anyway.


    Sending a message to voogru may be the faster way to go about it. Explain the changes you don't like, why you've unsubbed, and so forth. He's got his contact info on the forums and he's pretty easy to get a hold of on Steam, if need be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_tetris View Post
    Other oldsters--like ... Avalanche ... --mostly play other games now. Or they're too busy with life. Not one of these dudes would cite alltalk as their reason for playing on voogru less.
    Aww, you still remember me? Yep, just busy with life... probably forever.

    I enjoyed our alltalk nights on voogru. I also enjoyed having it off for some competitive play. I think the "the late nights are alltalk time" was nice. You knew it would be alltalk during these times, so deal with it or come on at another time. I generally enjoyed alltalk being on more than off. If I was playing strictly for competitive play, I would have stopped playing years before I did. I came on voogru for the friendly people and fun game. alltalk kept it lively, and you can still yell "spy!" to your teammate.

    This is something where you can't make everyone happy, especially on a server that welcomes both approaches. Nevertheless, I did enjoy having both within the same community, and trying to find some balance. We often put it up to a vote, and respected the majority decision.
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