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Auto Balance being used to team stack.
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    Auto Balance being used to team stack.

    Team Fortress
    Map: pl_frontier_final
    Players: 29 / 33
    Build: 2827522
    Server Number: 2347
    The server is using sv_pure 1.  (Custom pure server rules.)
    CAsyncWavDataCache:  1274 .wavs total 0 bytes, 0.00 % of capacity
    godsyn connected
    Compact freed 1077248 bytes
    Redownloading all lightmaps
    Boombap connected
    kdsns connected
    Trox ☆⠪*。゚.・ connected
    feisty ♥ connected
    GeneralCheese connected
    pipski -V- connected
    Sithreis connected
    baka=baka connected
    c o o p d a w g connected
    Don't Switch The Blade connected
    rakshas connected
    ★ Sharpshot Mcgee connected
    Fawan connected
    Major Drunk connected
    khoa.atl connected
    baka=baka suicided.
    GeneralCheese suicided.
    ŲทđξąĐ şĮąęr connected
    feisty ♥ suicided.
    Sithreis died.
    Boombap suicided.
    God Fieri connected
    khoa.atl :  good point
    Fawan suicided.
    khoa.atl :  they already implemented that
    asi_melek_1697 connected
    khoa.atl :  like whomever on blu right now cant switch to red..
    As soon as an imbalance is created, people can use auto-balance at round starts to stack the teams in their favor.
    Possible solution: suicide (self inflicted, or 'kill') doesn't team swap, at least for the first five minutes.

    Joining a map and having people complain about stacking before the round starts shows that there is a growing issue.

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    This has been discussed at length, people want to play with their friends on their team. Some think this is unfair to the rest of the server, some feel they are guilty of nothing but playing with their friends.

    Most people want the server to play the way they want, so you have people who throw up alltalk votes, as well as people who will join their friends team regardless of what others in the server think.

    Nothing will change welcome to CH, where people come to screw around first, and play the game second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willl View Post
    This has been discussed at length
    Searched the forums and did not find anything. Sorry if this is a repost.
    Quote Originally Posted by willl View Post
    Most people want the server to play the way they want
    Either enforce the rule, or don't have it at all. I presented potential resolution to the issue I saw.
    Quote Originally Posted by willl View Post
    Nothing will change
    A defeatist attitude will get you defeatist results.
    Quote Originally Posted by willl View Post
    where people come to screw around first, and play the game second.
    Excellentent! Make both fun for most.

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    That's a dead horse. Snore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boombap View Post
    That's a dead horse. Snore.
    Thank you. Have anything constructive?

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    Look at the Crazy House Shenanigans thread from a few months ago. That's the most recent instance of the discussion.

    It's not actually an enforced rule. It also isn't likely to be removed from the list of rules. I think it remains in the list in hopes that a majority of the players follow it just because. Otherwise, 25/32 players would be suiciding in spawn until they got the match up they wanted instead of 4-6/32 players.

    You'll get used to it. Or you won't. I'd suggest not pushing back against too hard though.

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    tasty horse lips. I'm a buyer as long as its fresh

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    Just fetch an admin when you see this happening. Stacking this way is already against the rules, just like racism and any other server-killing shit. There is actually a pretty simple solution that allows players to hang out with one or two friends, even swap teams, while preventing stacks of four or five players every round. It requires an admin to use the "autoassign" command. It takes two seconds, and it makes the teams more fair, but allows friends to play together more often than complete randomness.

    As for this whole argument, I'd avoid it, godsyn. We figured the preferred solution was to ask politely. Trust me, you do not want to involve yourself in the asking politely method, haha. People are a lot more entitled recently, which is expected during summertime while school's out. Like all things server-related, you rely on fellow players to be decent. There is literally no technical solution that can replace that. If you can't find an admin, try talking to these people and seeing if they'll let you play one or two rounds without the stack while you have free time.

    If stacking happened as infrequently as alltalk happens, there would literally be no problem. Maybe that's an attainable goal.

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    dibs on the ribs

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