Hello I have come to you today to let you know of an extreme misapplication of administrative power I have just been on the wrong end of on your TF2 server. There I was, tc_hydro, minding my own business, calling someone a faggot then I was kicked! You see, this particular person was wearing some clothing that we can all agree Looks Like Shit™ and is Utterly Tasteless®. He had on a bunch of bright pink shit including a pink Max's head. TF2 used to be in the theme of the 1960's Cold War, but now it has all gone to shit. He looked like a poo. I informed him calmly (and politely) of his faggot-status so that he may take it upon himself to change and I was booted, as I have said before.

This brings up another point. Your moderator described the reason for kicking me as "sexism." What was clearly the case here was homophobia. How can you trust this person with administrative duties if he cannot even classify forms of prejudice correctly? Pretty embarrassing as a server community to be honest.

Anyway, to be quite frank, it would not even be classified as homophobia, as I would have to be homophobic, and/or faggot would have to in every case be homophobic in and of itself. I was under the impression we were living in the real world, and that often times people use "faggot" to mean someone who is being difficult, pretentious, or annoying. Oh well.

I came back and asked if the word nigger was ok. I even told him I wasn't racist! I was banned, which saddened me. I attempted to come in on various other names and strike up conversation. "I really don't care for black people, or gays, how about you guys?" was met with an IP ban. I really need to work on my interpersonal skills.

Anyway, I think this is just a big old misunderstanding. We're really all a bunch of nigger kyke faggot spic Jewsdid9/11's deep down, we should just squash the soiled, rank beef and let bygones be bygones. My 8 seconds with your community was one that will live on for an eternity within my heart, far past the days I will have departed this mortal plane. I thank you for all that you've done but I urge you to grant me passage again within your hallowed halls. Thank you niggers.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:4735091