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Thread: Alltalk

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    Feb 2012
    I think most regulars have settled on saying Disable (and encouraging others to do so) if someone tries to enable it mid-way through a round or if it's a map that people get really competitive on (dustbowl, problitz, etc.)

    In other words, the only times that alltalk seems to be enabled these days when the server is at or near capacity are:
    1) Beginning of a map
    2) One side is being heavily rolled, so strategy is moot
    3) A map that is more for fun (degroot, redfort) or known to be broken in some way (like having a horrific choke point)
    4) Someone's birthday

    This seems fine to me, though others may yet disagree.

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    Oct 2008
    Can someone remind me why we still use a system where one person has the ability to throw up a yes/no pop up vote, that effects the server for 31 other players?

    Because I most be forgetting why, I mean I look at how the server votes to change a map or kick a player. Those all require at least a third of the server actively participating in order to effect anything. It is almost like they were designed to reflect how much the server wants an action done.

    Last night was sure fun to be a part of the captive audience while 4 people droned on and on about random shit. It took an admin to finally turn it off for one map.

    Aslong as a single person has the ability to dictate if we vote on this we will continue to have a problem with alltalk. No other function of the server is left to one random player to dictate their preferences on the other 31 players.

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    [A thundering silence ensues]

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    Quote Originally Posted by niaiserie View Post
    [A thundering silence ensues]
    Lightning crashes

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    look at what you did, we now have an alltalk 'naughty' room, lol end of an error

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