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    Post Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. Game servers do not need to apply the update. The major changes include:

    • Fixed an infinite healing exploit related to loadout presets
    • Fixed a bug where Medics would be unable to deploy their ‹berCharge
    • Fixed an exploit in Mann vs. Machine mode related to purchasing upgrades for free
    • Fixed workshop contributors not being able to view all of their submitted items using the in-game menus
    • Fixed Strange versions of The Southern Hospitality not tracking sentry kills
    • Fixed The Fortified Compound not triggering the same taunts and voice lines as The Huntsman
    • Fixed not hearing the taunt sounds for The Boston Boom-Bringer and The Infernal Orchestrina on Mann vs. Machine maps
    • Fixed Natascha using the wrong material for the viewmodel
    • Fixed Killstreak sheen effects for the Flying Guillotine (style), The Bat Outta Hell (style), The Unarmed Combat, The Wrap Assassin, The Charginí Targe, and The Splendid Screen
    • Updated the equip_regions for The Sangu Sleeves, The Huntsman's Essentials, The Lucky Shot, and The Soldier's Stash
    • Updated The Crusader's Crossbow and The Festive Crusader's Crossbow to use the same crosshair as The Huntsman
    • Updated cp_dustbowl

      • Fixed Red team's stage 1 spawn door pushing players in the air
      • Fixed collision on windows, props, and rooflines
      • Fixed floating props
      • Fixed players building inside the alternate exit from the Red spawn in stage 3

    • Updated cp_mountainlab

      • Fixed exploit on rafters near control point 2

    • Updated ctf_2fort

      • Fixed collision on train-wheels prop outside Blu base
      • Fixed clipping on window ledges
      • Fixed collision on pipes in flag rooms
      • Fixed texture alignment on world map textures
      • Fixed clipping issue in the middle where Blu could stand in the sky

    • Updated pl_goldrush

      • Added nobuild area under the train tracks to prevent teleport trap near Blu spawn in stage 1

    • Community request:

      • Added convar hud_combattext_batching_window to be used with hud_combattext_batching

        • maximum delay between damage events in order to batch numbers
        • min 0.1, max 2.0, default 0.2


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    Re: Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Hey Voogru, just curious why the forums, front page and chat box are all broken. I'm sure you got a lot on your plate, just figured that I would ask. Hope all is going well.

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