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    Server crashes make server unplayable

    I'm not sure what's going on, but I was just on the server, and it crashed THREE times in a row in about 5 minutes while on Dustbowl. And this was when we had 32 players (a rare occurrence these days). After the 3rd crash, people just gave up trying and the server died. If this is what's going to happen on the server every time it gets full, no one's going to want to play on Crazy House anymore when they can just to go to another server that doesn't crash every map.

    Seriously. Whatever's going on, please fix it.

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    Re: Server crashes make server unplayable

    I think the update is causing problems. I was playing on the FITH servers and everyones ping climbed over 100, mics started breaking up, weapons were switching intermittently, and play was choppy as hell. It killed that server also.

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