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    Update Oddities?


    Last night I didn't notice anything weird but tonight I had a few strange things occur. In both Sovereign and Quarry I watched a number of nukes and maybe one or two rockets vanish into a surface like a wall or floor without blowing up or making any sound. Never not saw or not heard that before in either map.

    Also, is this a Quarry update/new thing? Or am I literally trippin balls? It can be moved with a compression blast but the graphic will blink out and then pop back up after a couple seconds looking very glitchy like.

    Just wondering and thanks,

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    Re: Update Oddities?

    Is it the tf2 birthday ball spawning weird?

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    Re: Update Oddities?

    I notice that on dbs but just with the nukes (i only played two maps as well), on hex it seemed like the nuke would disappear then kill someone.

    Server appears down now (so is dodgeball hell)... maybe voogru is working on it.

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