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Thread: Commander Quiz

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    Question Commander Quiz

    NS2 Marine Commander Quiz

    Answer all questions or scenarios to the best of your ability. Treat all scenarios as if the teams were 10 VS 10. All players are mediocre in skill level. There is no right or wrong answer. For scenarios please explain why you chose your answer. Please excuse any typo or spelling errors.

    1. A team of two marines arrived at a empty base. This base is one of the two closest near your starting base. Power is established. Time is early stage of the round. You have 15 res. What building would you drop.

    A. Extractor
    B. Phase Gate
    C. Armory
    D. Command Center.
    E. Other

    2. In NS_Docking, your starting base is Terminal. Aliens starting base is Departure. What base will be crucial and practical in establishing a secondary base?

    A. Cafeteria
    B. Locker Room
    C. Generator
    D. None of the above

    3. You have problems maintaining one particular extractor. Every time this extractor is fully built a skulk will come in and destroy it a minute later. It is not a significant run to the extractor from the nearest phase gate. This extractor is well into marine territory. Time is middle stage of the round. You have 3 res income without this specific extractor. What will help detour the alien from destroying it next time.

    A. Research Jetpacks for fast mobility and response
    B. Place a phase gate near the extractor
    C. Research Sentries and placing them.
    D. Resource node not worth keeping.
    E. Other

    4. In NS_Viel the enemy main hive is in Pipeline. The round just started. What area of the map would you emphasized your team on getting first.

    A. Sub-Sector
    B. Cargo
    C. Nanogrid
    D. C-12
    E. Other

    5. You command your army to advance into a fully defensive enemy base from an establish marine base. You noticed that your forces is being stopped and picked off at the entrance of the enemy base. You have limited resources where you can only do one of the follow choices. What course of action would you do FIRST to help your team advance.

    A. Establish a forward base with an armory and phase gate
    B. Upgrade armor and weapons
    C. Research grenade launchers
    D. Save for Arcs
    E. Other

    6. You noticed that your 3rd established base is being overrun by majority of the enemy team. You have the option to beaconing to that base. Power is being attacked. Phase gate is down. You have 3-4 Duals exos and 2 jet packers with welders standing by at a forward base near a enemy hive. Rest of your team scattered doing other tasks. What would you command your troops to do.

    A. Command your team to march into the enemy base.
    B. Divert your troops from the forward base to defend and reclaim the 3rd base.
    C. Beacon your troops.
    D. Other.

    7. You just started a round in NS_shipping. Your starting base is shipping and the enemy base is in Warehouse. A marine happen to run straight to Server Room without incident. Phase gate tech finished researching. The marine is asking for a phase gate. You have not established a secondary base. What would you do?

    A. Place a phase gate in Server room.
    B. Divert marine to claiming Elevator Transfer.
    C. Divert marine to enemy base to kill off eggs or other important structures.
    D. Have the marine hide in server until his services are needed.
    E. Other

    8. All commanders have different starting build sequence. The game gives one extractor and 50 res in the beginning. What 5 buildings and/or tech would you do in order. Explain why your sequence is prefer.

    9. Atrium, Cave, Generator, and Pipeline have simalier features. What is this feature and what type of strategy can work in attacking these bases.

    10. Besides phase tech or welders. What first tier tech do you prefer to research first.
    A. Armor
    B. Weapon
    C. Shotgun
    D. Mines

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    Re: Commander Quiz

    1. A
    2.B (C could work if they'll listen)
    3. E (cuss at those #*&#ers til they camp it)
    4. A (but B is more fun)
    5. A
    6. A (a hive for a hive, to paraphrase)
    7. B
    8. "armory, armory, armory, armory, armory (recycle IPs')" I don't think I need to explain that.
    9. Trick question. You cannot attack these places because Sock will lerk you to death. You have been warned.
    10. D. (only because we're to assume mediocre skill level as per quiz directions; B, otherwise).

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