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    Re: Normal DB Map Feature Preference?

    FYI, here are some relative map sizes (in Hammer units):

    • Spill: 4160 cubed
    • Burst: 5888 x 4480 x 2175
    • 2 Sides (v2): 2304 x 3136 x 896 (2048 for DBS)
    • Pyro (v2): 3072 radius x 1376
    • Pit (v2): 6144 x 6144 x 2976
    • Fortress (new): 3328 x 3840 x 3712

    I guess the current map size for the new map is smaller than I thought, although it just seems huge since the other players look tiny. So, I'm going to continue forward this week with it as is and we'll see how it plays out.

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    Re: Normal DB Map Feature Preference?

    really depends on the day for me. Some days i do better with nukes, other days I do better with rockets.

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    Re: Normal DB Map Feature Preference?

    I made a few maps for dodgeball, but not for voogru. Out of those, many prefer the one that are technically small, close quarter, and face paced to move from one location to another. It may be different on voogru since the rockets are more tacky to hit, or you have to expect to know they're coming for you.

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