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    Wink To All Familiar Faces on the Reg. DB server

    Hi everyone,
    August is coming up and so is the 1 year anniversary of me discovering dodge ball on TF2. I'm writing this letter to all the people I have played with more than once on reg. not to the admins or ppl who play on speed. Before I found the db mod i had 50 hrs. of play time on TF2, and that's nothing for someone who doesn't own a lot of video games. This August I will have over 500 hrs. and that's one game in one year, but still nothing compared to some of you. I still remember last August when I downloaded this weird server named Blocks and I could only play pyro. I was going to leave then and there but something unusual caught my eye. These pyros were shooting rockets at one another. I spawned in and panicked. What will I do? How do I play? Then a rocket came towards me and my pyro didn't see the light of day. Then I met without realizing it one of the best Reg. DB players. My camera was focused on some guy who named his pyro Power and Glory. Now this is why I stayed. This P&G guy made tricks with these rockets and did things that made me have to watch more and play more . This simple rocket game turned into a addictive death match of pong. Then sure enough I played later that day and met two more interesting players who were doing something very interesting...a one on one duel. They were called super and nightmare and they were very good at killing one another, and so on I met more gifted players. But they were more than gamers, they were a group of people from all different walks of life. What I have gained from spending free time looking into my coffee stained monitor on my second story apartment is a family of individual people who are strangers, friends, haters, and lovers that all have a story. But I want to thank those of you who I have met for letting me spend some of my free time shooting rockets at you. I hope to see some of you around Blocks, Pit, and of course 2sides ....

    Yours Truly,

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    Re: To All Familiar Faces on the Reg. DB server

    just like magic

    I gotta admit though in my middle teen years the non standard gameplay types on CS:S like gungame, surf, and zombiemod seemed like sublime things, and it appears people have experienced the same joy playing dodgeball

    something about the same old rotation of not so great maps in the designated original game modes seemed repugnant and overly competitive (try playing without a graphics card and see just how "good" you are), besides you tend to find more colorful characters in stranger game modes

    you are welcome to join the crazy house at it's "peak hours" (hahahahahaah) so you can be poked and prodded by overly judgmental chaps like myself, or perhaps become the new favorite (since db regs avoid these forums like the plague, not to mention since they are the overwhelming minority they are rarely acknowledged as actual humans who deserve respect)


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    Re: To All Familiar Faces on the Reg. DB server

    And it has been a pleasure to play with you too!

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