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It's fun. It's not Pay 2 Win, as you can rent anything ingame with GP you gain from playing, and 2 games will ned you enough to rent most things for a day; if you play alot or well, you can Rent 7day versions, or buy Permanent ones. Everything in the Mall is balanced pretty well or obtainable/Rentable ingame, it's just "Easier" to get it with money; and when people die you can pick up their shit and use it against 'em too.

Yes, Punkbuster. Yes, Cheaters. No, not too often. I've seen 2, maybe 3 for certain so far, and I was the only one that killed one of them. lol

It "feels" like APB in the menus and gun choosing/customizing, but plays like Call of Duty/Battlefield; the uniqueness in gameplay comes from the HRV, which literally translates to "Legal Ingame Wallhack" and has a huge effect on the gameplay. You can't shoot while it's on, and it has a Recharge-time based on how long you use it for up to 5sec or so, so it evens out; most people take a quick Peek then turn it back off when necessary.

I've got 2 videos on my Channel showing off some of the Newbie Server gameplay if any of ya are interested in checking it out, and there's also TB's video as Hound said if you want to see the non-Gameplay elements. Give it a fair shot based on TB's vid at least, he explains it well and is what got me to try it.
Well no its not exactly pay to win...

....BUT it takes a LOT of grinding to get even some basic stuff perma unlocked. I mean you get like max 200 GP per match and a good gun part costs like 6k+... so yea. Not pay to win, but waste your life to get what you want.