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thnx Voogru,

A fee will be a problem I think, we cannot give ppl the "standard" things like reserved slots etc cos that would break up events when someone is kicked from the participated event group because of someone joining with a res slot, also other additional things are breaking for some events, and cannot be done. The admins have paid some, and the "founder" has paid most for it so far, we run pretty negative. We are still looking to fund it in a more normal way from players etc.

I will however confer with the others.

In regards of G2's reply: sounds like a plan, and can be a bit of a website where things can be permissioned by owners of a map or w/e.
But tbh, that would get too fancy I guess, and would require prolly a higher fee.
It would not contain the admin system, subscriber system, etc. It would be barebones.