If you find that you have been banned or muted on one of the voogru servers and wish to have it removed, you can create a new thread in this forum to issue an appeal. However, before doing so, please read and understand the following:

- First, you should probably take a look at our rules page to see what you did wrong. People like to claim ignorance when it comes to the rules, and that just isn't a valid excuse for illicit behavior. Be smarter than they are: educate yourself before posting.

- If you've been banned, look up your information on the banned players page. It will list the admin who removed you, the reason for it, and how long until it expires.

- Be sure to include your full Steam ID (STEAM_X:X:XXXXXX), the server you were on, and the approximate time of your transgression.

- If you have any evidence to help support your case (demos or screenshots), feel free to include it.

- Bans (or mutes) for racism/bigotry, cheating, punishment evasion, or severe exploits will NOT be removed.

- Your demeanor will likely determine the outcome of your appeal. If you come across like a douche, we will treat you as such, so be on your best behavior if you're serious about getting unbanned/unmuted. Otherwise, there's no reason to waste our time or yours.