In order to keep a clean and friendly environment for our player base, it is sometimes necessary to take pro-active measures to keep out scumbags, when new players join our servers, we have an automatic screener that does a basic background check on players, this is usually done by checking their STEAMID against several databases, name history, bans from other communities and other systems I will not mention.

If you were banned by this automatic screener, chances are, you will be unbanned if you just ask (you will also be ignored by the screener in the future), this is just a simple protection mechanic to keep scumbags off our servers.

The screener has been very carefully designed, when it was implemented about 70% of the players on the banned list were flagged by the screener, while 95% of the player base was not flagged.

How do you know if you were automatically banned? If you do not see your ban on this page: voogru - a half-life community then you were automatically banned. Simply make a post with your STEAMID and you’ll be unbanned.

Generally, scumbags won’t go through the hassle of registering and filing a banned complaint with their ID just to rage a server for an hour, if they do, then they just get banned by an admin.